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Hello friend! My name is Josh Lopez (owner and creator) and I have been obsessed with website design and development for over a decade. I have experience with Drupal, Wordpress, Webflow, Vue.js, Three.js, GSAP, and many more. Even though I have been doing this for so long, I'm still passionate about learning all the new things that are created by the great community of the internet. This is my life and what makes me smile and I hope to share it with you.

Front End Developer Josh Lopez

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"With the help from Lopez Creative my website looks incredible! Not having to worry about my website allowed me to take my first vacation in 5 years."

- Mark Marion

"I don't have to spend hours on my computer any time I need to update my website. I just send an email once a week and Lopez Creative takes care of the rest. I feel like I can breath again!"

- Jenna Hatfield

"Our website looks bad@ss! Thank you Lopez Creative for putting so much detail into our website and explaining things in a way we can understand."

- Nathan Gilard

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Exploring maximum creativity. Deploying maximum functionality. Nice.
Exploring maximum creativity. Deploying maximum functionality. Nice.
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