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Dare To Be Different

Over 4.1 million people are online right now and growing. Standing out from the crowd becomes harder every day. The only way a business will be able to survive is by getting attention. How are you getting more attention than your competition?

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About Me

Josh Lopez Front End Web Developer

Most businesses are drowning in a sea of conformity. I'm a Creative Front End Web Developer who want's to see your business stand out.

Hello World, I'm Josh Lopez - Creative Front End Web Developer

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As you can probably tell. I am a fan of Front End Web Development and movies. Each section of this site represents a little bit of me so feel free to ask about them if you share a similar interest. :)

I have been passionate about the internet for a really long time. I'm constantly trying to grow by learning new things daily. After years of creating websites I have learned that you have to create a zag that makes you different than your competition or you are not memorable to customers. Let's create something that is awesome and represents your business to make your customers keep coming back for more.


Here are a few examples of what is possible when working together.

There is no right or wrong, just fun and boring.

— Eugene "The Plague" Belford

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Here's what people are saying.

"With the help from Lopez Creative my website looks incredible! Not having to worry about my website allowed me to take my first vacation in 5 years!"

— Mark Marion

"I don't have to spend hours on my computer any time I need to update my website. I just send an email once a week and Lopez Creative takes care of the rest. I feel like I can breath again!"

— Jenna Hatfield

"Our website looks badass! Thank you Lopez Creative for putting so much detail into our website and explaining things in a way we can understand."

— Nathan Gilard